About Us

Meet Karen, my amazing wife of 17 years.  She's currently in her 17th (!) year of teaching grade school, while at the same time being an awesome mother of three (I told you she was amazing).

When I told her I wanted to leave behind an 18 year career of being an IT guy to start a business, and not a business that was in any way related to what I had spent the last two decades doing to pay our bills, she never gave me anything less than 100% support.  So yeah, she's pretty awesome.

Her support has been crucial, because it's not just the two of us we're supporting...

This is Izzy, the fastest four year old alive.  And not just in foot speed, either.  While most toddlers speak in sentences, Izzy has a tendency to speak in paragraphs, and usually several in a row.  Thankfully I've grown 90% fluent in Izzy-ese.  She also makes a pretty great product model (hey, when you're a small startup company, you take all the free child labor you can get).  If you run into Izzy, she's usually in the company of...

Piper, our ultra-outgoing six year old.  Piper is incredibly sweet, as well as sharp as a tack, but she's also, well...a complete hambone.  Unless she's asleep, she's usually "on" - if you've got a little performer in your family, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  If she's not singing, she's dancing.  If she's not dancing, she's performing some comedy routine that spontaneously popped into her brain.

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times) that gets on the nerves of our oldest daugter...

Leia.  Our baby girl who somehow turned into a pre-teen in the blink of an eye.
She's got a heart the size of Kansas, an insatiable desire to learn all she can about everything she can, and though she might not always admit it, she's  fiercely protective of her two little sisters.

Well, that's our family - and now you're a part of it.  To us, you're not just customers, and this isn't just a business - this is a relationship we're all in together.  Your goals and our goals are the same -  to maximize the time we spend with our kids, and to maximize the world we leave behind for them.

Welcome to the family!